Insurance companies require their customers to maintain an up-to-date inventory list. This will allow you to replace stolen or damaged items with less hassel. Let Life Files Professionals is ready and capable to help you with this task. 


We develop an itemized list of your belongings room-by-room. This includes a photograph of the item, the make and model, serial number, color, and its dimensions in addition to the year it was purchased and its cost. An electronic spreadsheet will be generated for your records as well as to send to your insurance company. Additional digital inventory items will include receipts, credit card statements, appraisals and other transaction documents.


Keeping proper documentation will also help to facilitate the claims process.


While this may seem to be an easy task, it must be done thoroughly in order for the insurance company to support your loss.


This inventory can be of great benefit when you are preparing to move to a new location. Moving companies may not deliver all of your good n the same condition as when you left them.