Document scanning also known as document imaging is the ability to convert hardcopy documents into electronic files that can be edited on a computer. The electronic file format options available include doc, pdf, tiff as well as other text files.


Life Files Professionals offers scanning services that ensures accuracy and readability. Understanding the sensitive nature of your files, we provide safe and secure transportation from your site to our scanning facility and back again. You will always have access to these documents while we scan and can access them through a secured network using a username and password. 


Upon scanning these files, we will set up your files to offer various retrieval features to make it easy to locate documents using specific search words. Confidentiality is a serious aspect of all businesses and we provide security by determining the level of accessibility of the personnel in your company. This will protect the sensitive nature of the file content. 



  • Move your business to a more paperless envrionment
  • Retrieve a document on the spot and save valuable time
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Protect your data with this efficiant disaster recovery system
  • Enhance security controls
  • Reduce wasted office space to house filing cabinets 
  • Convert capital expenditures into tax deductible operating expenses



With growing concerns of identity theft, responsible document shredding is a necessary measure. Companies have to take great care to properly destroy paperwork with sensitive information on it . 


Life Files Professionals offers affordable solutions for secure document destruction, hard drive, ID cards, product and media destruction. Our shredding services include on-site, mobile as well as witness destruction where our customers can accompany their materials to view its destruction. 



  • Responsible shredding gives companies and customers a sense of security
  • Companies will be in compliance with state and federal regulations regarding proper document destruction
  • Reduce the cost of purchasing shredders that cannot handle high volumes of shredding
  • Recycling shredded paper protects trees from being used for new paper products
  • Increase the space in your office by removing outdated and unused paper documents


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