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Life Files Professionals is a professional organizing company that services residents, organizations and small businesses in the tri-state area. Our mission is to deliver the highest level of professional organizing services with an emphasis on integrating environmentally friendly practices. Our goal is not only to reduce the clutter in your life, but to also reduce your carbon footprint on the Earth. We approach this goal using the five Rs:


Reduce          Reuse          Recycle          Refuse     Repurpose


Life Files Professionals  delivers the highest level of professional organizing services to you. We carefully listen to your needs and work closely with you to implement expert organizational techniques and strategies to improve your document management systems. 


Whether your computer desktop is cluttered with poorly named files, useless icons and disorganized folders, or your home office is cluttered with stacks of papers, envelopes, and overstuffed folders, we will develop the best organizing solutions for your specific needs. 


We are very glad you have decided to start your journey to an organized life. Click below and one of our team members (not a robot) will reach out to you wthin 24 hours.



Call us at 718-548-1282 or email us directly at info@lifefilespros.com



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