A New Lifestyle


Our motto is “Organization is not a luxury, it’s a lifestyle.” Our lifestyle is simply how we live our lives. So, let’s look at one area of our lives.


How many of you are currently renting a storage unit or plan to rent one? As someone who grew up in a house in Delaware with plenty of room, I have always found this surge in storage unit rentals a puzzling phenomenon. However, there are three distinct renters that I have been most fascinated with. They are millennials, baby boomers, and small business owners. Each group has its own reasons for renting storage units. Millennials are often moving into crowded high-demand areas. Baby Boomers are often downsizing and want to store a lifetime of memories in storage units. Due to the Pandemic, small business owners are looking for a place to store their excess inventory. 


It was not until the 1960s that storage companies became so popular. One out of 10 households now has a storage unit. Amenities that homeowners look for have become a priority to storage companies. Locations demanded by consumers, along with the ease of use and security, and repurposing vacant buildings have also contributed to the popularity of storage units.


If you rent a storage unit, do you know where everything is in it? Can you easily locate valuable documents, and prize possessions? If your answer is “No”, despite all of the advantages and enticements of their use, you may want to reconsider how you are maintaining your unit. Have you simply moved the clutter from your home to the storage unit? It is often said that “A clutter-filled life leads to a stressed-filled life.”


Why not maintain your storage unit like the storage unit was intended to help you maintain your home—clutter-free. Allow yourself the full benefits of your storage unit by allowing Life Files Professionals to organize it for you. We will organize your unit, prepare an Inventory and design a floor plan. 


If I’ve described a New Lifestyle for you, please call us at 718-548-1282.



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