"Organization has always given me the power to control the narrative of my life"

Charlotte Bishop, Founder & CEO

From Professor to Professional Organizer

For Charlotte M. Bishop, the career as a Professional Organizer presents itself as the next chapter in her life. After more than 40 years of distinguished service at Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), she retired from the City University of New York as a tenured Professor. She successfully Chaired the Office Administration department at BMCC for 18 years, was the primary care provider and advocate for her ailing mother who lived with her during her final years and as a widow, raised two college-educated men.


"The most important key to my success is efficient organization”, says Charlotte. “My easy-to-follow system of data management and organizing solutions will reduce clutter while keeping all your vital files at your fingertips”.


After she retired from her position as a professor at the City University of New York, she found that many of her friends and neighbors were asking her to help them organize their documents. And so, Life Files Professionals was born.


Life files Professionals has an affinity to service the older adult population (55+), and their families as they continue to make the necessary adjustments in their lives.


With outstanding service that is second to none, Life Files Professionals is committed to being the leading environmentally friendly professional organizing company in New York City.


Charlotte is very passionate about the service she provides and is glad you have decided to start your journey to an organized life. 


Call us at 718-548-1282 or email us directly at info@lifefilespros.com

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