"I didn't get the memo on aging!": My ReServe Experience

    I have always embraced my age because I’ve always felt blessed to have many things that only come from being an older adult.


    However, now that I’m 77, there are many experiences that I’m having that I never expected and was never told about. Good and bad. One bad experience is “ageism”. However, one remedy for ageism for me is an organization called ReServe. I was confronted with ageism when I wanted to continue working, and I realized that my age was being held against me.


Then I heard about an organization called ReServe. This is a company of the FedCap Group. It places older professional adults in organizations in NYC, Miami, New England, and southern Florida. What I like most about ReServe is the ethnic, racial and professional diversity of the organization.


    Three months ago, I applied for and was hired as a Consultant for NYC’s Department for the Administration of Children Services, ACS. It has been one of the most rewarding professional experiences that I’ve ever had. The staff that I work with is amazing. They are supportive, respectful and young enough to be my grandchildren. 


    Those of us who are hired by ReServe are called Reservists, and we’re assigned 10, 15, or 20 hours a week to work in a non-profit or NYC agency. BTW for the past 10 years, I have also been a small business owner. My company is Life Files Professionals and it’s a Certified NYC M/WMBE.


    After retiring as a CUNY Professor for over 40 years, some of you may wonder why I still want to work. I was widowed at the age of 25 as the result of an automobile accident. I had 2 sons ages 8 months and 3 years old. Working started as something I had to do as a single mother and became something I enjoy doing.


Since I’ve been working as a Reservist, my mental and physical health have improved.

My Guardian Angel at ReServeinc.org  is Ms. Diane Cohen, the Director of Partner Engagement. She helped me navigate the entire process. We’ve never met, but she has truly become a dear friend and she is always the consummate professional. I have several friends who have applied for positions as Reservists and they have all been hired. 


Since working as a Reservist, I haven’t experienced ageism. That’s because ReServe wants me, recognizes the skills I still have to offer and they make me feel still needed in the workforce.


    If you’re interested in becoming a Reservist, please contact Ms. Diane Cohen via email at dcohen@reserveinc.org or by phone 646-531-2424.



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